Bhavan’s Institute of Educational Research and Training (BIERAT) is the research and training wing of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Middle East, which is synonymous with quality educational institutions across the GCC. The institute has been conceived as a movement to help individuals understand different eye views in education so that the practitioners of education and educational institutions contemplate, rediscover themselves and advance towards progress overcoming the educational challenges of the modern era. BIERAT is an empanelled training agency of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to conduct capacity- building programmes for academic administrators, teachers and students. The institute has a group of professionals who are committed to the cause of education aiming to create a dynamic environment for growth, and it strives to enhance the quality of educational system through advancement of knowledge.

The institute conducts capacity- building programmes, seminars, conferences, quality audits and such other activities with an emphasis on issues related to schools, academic administrators, teachers, students and parents. The activities conducted by the institute are specifically designed to reflect the evolving realities of education and their applications, so that the participants’ knowledge and skills are enhanced thereby leveraging their personal contribution to the future of their Institutions.