Ms. Leena Menon

As an educator children have always caught my attention. To see them growing naturally is definitely a wonderful experience. Their natural ability to pick up from environs is truly intriguing. No child is born devoid of capacities; the fact is that they differ in their innateness which is not easily understood by people like us. The consequence of our ignorance leads to unhealthy comparisons thus snuffing the inimitable element in their nature. We hardly realize the fact that these blooming buds have their distinct fragrance which is matchless. The society needs people with diverse set of skills then only an indomitable nation would be built, where people not only learn to respect sundry aspect of others but also work utilizing each other’s potentials. Such a culture enables mankind to grow into a cultured civilization nurturing each other’s skills. If all this has to happen we must undoubtedly lay a firm foundation for the future blocks of our nation. For this we need to understand our children and foster their personalities. Let qualities like confidence, self esteem, passion and diligence be caught by our youngsters through our modeling. Any nation’s biggest asset is their human resource and this has to be constantly charged to channelize them into constructivism. The initial stages of their formation takes place first in their homes and the transformation takes place in the classrooms. Therefore the guiding forces at these places need to have sterling qualities to churn out the best in them. Once this is successfully done by giving them the freedom of expression of thought and action, no nation would ever look behind. So let us co create our children with passion love and empathy, which will give us the elation of giving the best to the world. Moreover in a tech savvy world where tech revolution is taking place every minute, our wonder kids adapt to latest technology with ease. Once again in this regard too, we have a major role to play we should ensure that our children do not becomes addicts to any of these things but are able to make   use of such comforts the smart way. Our interest is not to create human androids bereft of sensitivity but human beings who have agility in thought and action, and at the same time adaptable and conscious to sublime humanitarian values. Only such an individual is capable of contributing to the needs of an ever burgeoning society, or elsewise we will be roiling a set of human machines who will merely perform some robotic chores at the click of a button. Therefore it is imperative that 21st century skills far from being mechanical have to be coupled with resilient factors, which will provide a multitude of skills to our children to tread on to the global firmament with right attitude. Once again as parents and enablers let us become protagonists in this journey of milestones with our children who will definitely adorn the title of being the trailblazers of this universe.

Ms. Leena Menon,