At the Montessori level, children adapt themselves to a new setup away from their home environment. Here learning takes place through various activities. The teacher acts as a facilitator, keeping the following in mind:
  1. Exposure to knowledge in various fields is based on a thematic curriculum
  2. Imbibing skills for lifelong learning
  3. Instilling a sensitivity to aesthetics through various artistic expressions

At the Primary level

― Integrated and interlinked Curriculum, framed on the guidelines provided by NCERT

― Connecting knowledge to life outside the school and real life situations

― Activity to ensure holistic learning and personality development

― Worksheets to enhance the learning skills

― Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Middle and Secondary level – Exposure to different aspects of life

― The NCERT prescribed curriculum is followed.

― The focus is on providing opportunity to learn through everyday experiences.

― Foreign Languages are introduced at this level.

― A platform is provided for the development of the latent potential and capacity to every individual.

― The teacher as a co-learner follows a pragmatic methodology that kindles the desire and quest for knowledge as well as the urge to excel.

Senior Secondary level – Exposure to different aspects of life

― Our methodology is a holistic approach through which the learner is able to infer, deduce and generalize information for adapting in real life situation

― The National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) Curriculum prescribed by CBSE is followed

― The focus is also on the preparation of the students for competitive examinations

Note: The school is yet to commence Senior Secondary classes. However, the curriculum scope would be as above.

Academic Year

― First Term: April ~ July
― Second Term: August ~ November
― Third Term: December ~ March

Subjects taught at different levels

Kindergarten (KG-1, KG-2)




Nursery Rhymes

Action songs

Story Telling

Paper Folding/ Art/ Craft

Music/ Dance

Picture Reading/ Activities

Games/ Sports

Primary and Secondary (I - VII)


Second Language (Hindi/ French/ Malayalam)

Third Language (Arabic)

Environment Studies/ Science & Technology


Value Education/ Life Skills

Islamic Culture

UAE Social Studies

Computer Science

General Knowledge

Art & Craft

Book Review – Library

Mode of writing material – HB Pencil in lower grades without eraser stubs (KG – Grade V)